A MUM was so ecstatic to receive her divorce papers that she swaddled them like a baby for an online post celebrating her ‘beautiful, healthy, newborn freedom’.

Carrissa Le Pinnet, 42, from Warrington, Cheshire, joked she’d “never felt a love like it” when she opened her divorce confirmation letter and wanted to celebrate her happiness in a public announcement

Rather than writing a “depressing post”, she decided to toast the end of her marriage in the same way her friends were announcing their engagements or new babies online.

In the hilarious post the mum-of-three swaddled the letter announcing her Decree Absolute in a pink-lined hand towel as if a newborn baby – and even weighed it on her kitchen scales. Carrissa wrote: “Myself and my dignity would like to announce to the world, our beautiful, healthy, newborn freedom.

“Opened today at 11am, weighing 0.40lb I can honestly say I’ve never felt a love like it.”

Many of her friends ‘liked’ her post, which marked the end of a five-year marriage

She said: “Welcome my beautiful lil’ Princess Le Pinnet.

“I promise to always love you and take care of you and be my own damn light. No matter how dark it gets. I’m so in love. Her delighted friends and followers left more than 75 likes, shares and comments on the status.

Carrissa, who was married for five years but with her ex for 15 in total, said: “You’ve got to find your own funny. I’ve seen loads of people lately having babies and getting engaged and being happy.

“I just thought, I am happy, and I don’t want to slag him off. It’s done and it’s in the past now. “The divorce is like a baby. I’ve got my baby. I just thought it would be funny if I put it on [in the same way].

“When I first opening it, I just felt relief, and was kind of sad. It was a big chunk of my life – it was 15 years. It’s a big chunk of your life so I just felt a little bit reflective.”

She continued: “I’m glad it’s over, but it was sad to think more ‘what could have been’ rather than what actually happened. “I got a bit whimsical. Thinking to myself, oh well, things could have been different.

“I wouldn’t bother putting a long depressing one on because I want mine to be upbeat and funny. So it had to fit in with the rest of it. “I couldn’t tell you what made me weigh the letter. I was just there and putting my washing away and putting the tea towels away.

“I’d wrapped it up in a tea towel and that was a hand towel with a pink strip and it just came to me. It was there and happening. It got a laugh anyway

Many friends called her after she posted the birth certificate, congratulating her

She added: “I had a barrage of phone calls afterwards saying congratulations, it’s finally over and all that. So that was quite fun. “I think I named it Princess because I’ve never been called Princess. I’m nearly six foot tall and I’ve never been dainty.

“So it was like, if I want to be a princess I’m going to be a bloody princess. “It’s me that’s looking after me now so guess what, yeah I am. I’m going to look after myself.”

After separating from her ex seven years ago, Carrissa’s house was repossessed and she spent 18 months battling breast cancer. But now that she is healthy and legally single she hopes to start a new stage in her life and go back to college.

She was delighted her marriage was over – and is looking forward to a new chapter in her life  Carrissa said: “Circumstances have dealt me quite a few blows after the past 10 years or so. “When we separated the house got repossessed, I got put into emergency accommodation with the kids, and I got diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Then I went through 18 months of treatment, so it’s taken me about six or seven years to actually apply for the divorce and another nine months to have it finalised. “Everyone else is starting something, and so am I. I don’t know what I want to do next.

“I wanted to be a writer and I have loads of half bits and chunks of stories. But the world is my oyster, so we’ll see where I end up. “I’m seriously considering going back to college and seeing if I can get my English up to scratch. I’ve got loads of interests, I’m very interested in psychology.

“Obviously an aged millionaire would be nice but I don’t think I’ll find one in Warrington. “But they say life begins at 40 so I’m actually only two years old. That’s my excuse for my terrible behaviour from here on out. I’m just in my terrible twos.”