Life AprÈs Story

“I needed a fresh start
and the rest is history!”

Before launching Life Après, Sylvia Beckerman had been married twice; a number that she has trouble accepting to be true. A lover of classic, romantic films, Sylvia grew up believing that marriage was destined to last forever, “a buyer not a renter”.

During her search for understanding and refuge, Sylvia began speaking with women who shared similar stories of failed marriages and/or long term relationships. She found that there were large numbers of women who felt they had no place to go or no one to talk to. In each case, Sylvia identified common themes including guilt, sadness, humiliation and fear.

It was because of these trends that Sylvia created Après Divorce.  “I wanted a destination for these women. A safe place where they can go to talk about their feelings and to meet new people. Rebuilding is the goal and a person’s spirit must stay afloat to succeed,” says Sylvia. “When one has lemons and can turn them into lemonade, they are victors, not victims. Creating a new life can and should be celebrated rather than mourned.”

Life changing events happen when we lest expect them. Some traumatic, some challenging, others wonderful. The one thing that they have in common is that even through a crisis, they all give us the opportunity to open a new door and begin a new chapter. It turned out that so many of the women who have joined the ‘Après community’ have gone through a variety of life changing events including the loss of a spouse, finding themselves back in the workforce, becoming an empty nester and yes, going through all phases of divorce. And so, the expansion to Life Après.

Life Après is a space where we can turn to each other for guidance, motivation and empowerment, helping each other to open the door and write our next chapter or two.