The Phenomenon of ‘Gray Divorce’

Our May gathering brought us into an engaging conversation surrounding ‘Gray Divorce’. Two very informative speakers started the lively discussion. Jocelyn Crowley, Ph.D., professor at Rutgers, specialist on public policy, renowned researcher and author and Attorney Alan Pickel..

Jocelyn’s  latest book, ‘Gray Divorce: What We Lose and Gain From Mid-Life Splits’ led her into a deep look at what is meant by the label.The population of Baby Boomers is leading the divorce rate with 1 out of every 4 divorces being ‘gray’, and the surprising answers why people over 50 were divorcing. Turns out, the reasons were no different than for the younger generation; infidelity, finances, etc. The biggest loss surrounds finances for women and social for men.

Alan led us into a conversation on the impact of the new tax laws, being realistic about expectations and choosing an attorney. His top tip when divorcing – the need to take a practical road when choosing your battles.

We want to thank our host for the evening, Isabella Garrucho. Her exquisite gallery was once again, the perfect setting for the evening.

Watch a clip  here.