Heavy rain, lightning, thunder, flooding…the troopers that we are, nothing was stopping our one year anniversary celebration! As the storm got heavier, the women kept arriving.  Nothing was keeping us from hearing about finding love through online dating. 😊

Our host for the evening Shari Lebowitz, owner of Bespoke Design, a luxury paper boutique and a new addition to downtown Westport, invited us into her wonderful shop. Jane La Motta Artist/Photographer, our sponsor for the evening, made sure we had plenty to eat with lovely platters to go along with our wine.

Our theme for the evening was Online Dating and we were ready to hear from our guest speaker Ronnie Ann Ryan, Dating Coach and author of several books including ‘How to Sizzle vs. Fizzle Online’ and ‘Is He the One? Find Mr. Right by Spotting Mr. Wrong’ and our sponsor Jane, on not only her dating experience but those photos…

So many connections and conversation began before the presentations.  We ate, drank, laughed and got to know one another. One of the best compliments came from a new gal who told me that this was the first gathering where the women didn’t stay in small groups, but actually got to meet everyone, not just a couple of people.

And the conversation began. Ronnie spoke about Online Dating and Finding Love.  She gave us some insight and tips.  Did you know that you should reach out to at least 3 people a week or 12 a month? Did you know that you shouldn’t have a shopping list of things that you do, things that you want or things you don’t want in your profile?  Did you know that you should connect with questions…if there’s a picture of someone kayaking, then ask them where was it taken?  If they like movies, what are their favorites?

Jane was up next.  She talked about her own experiences with online dating. And then she got to her personal love of photography and how that profile picture is the first of the ’17 seconds’ that are given to any profile search.  Three pictures can do it, the most important is that they reflect who you are. One of our women won the raffle to be her model for the evening.  Jane showed us how to relax, be ourselves and there isn’t anyone who can’t have a fantastic collection of photos to post.

No matter whether you think you’re ready to jump into the online dating world, there’s nothing like getting your profile and photos ready.  Have fun with it.  You never know where it will take you.

Après Divorce’s following continues to grow organically as a warm and welcoming place.  One of the best parts of starting Après Divorce has been the amazing women I have met. We look forward to continuing our journey together.


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