Après Divorce’s 2017 events and social gatherings were held at a variety of venues and included a wide range of topics and guest speakers.

Take a look at some of our social gatherings…

Après Divorce started off January with ‘Powering Past Your Comfort Zone’. Did you know how exhilarating it can be to try something you never thought you could do? Our hosts for the evening were Vertical Addiction and T’s Pizza in Stamford. Our guest speakers were Trevor Mullineaux, LMFT and Aileen, a divorced mom of five who powered past her comfort zone with a new exercise.

February brought us Après Divorce’s first ‘Gallentine’s Day’,  celebrating women with a mystery makeover and fun at the salon. The evening supported Paint the Town Pink’s Breast Awareness Campaign. Our host for the evening, the award winning noblesalon of Stamford, and guest speaker Tonia Tagliaferro, The Art of Dressing. And of course the wonderful #noblewomen.

March helped ‘Prepare Yourself for a New Relationship’.  Our guest speakers, the mother-daughter matchmaking team of Janis and Carly Spindel and Dr. Ellyn Shander, Being Magnificent. Our host for the evening, Guiseppe and Quartina Trattoria of South Norwalk.

April and bringing in spring had us talking about ‘Refreshing our Finances, Home and Cooking style’.  Our host for the evening was Danise Talbot and Danise Talbot Design, Westport. Our guest speaker and sponsor, Laurie Stefanowicz, Catamount Wealth Management. And let’s not forget our very own ‘MacGyver’, Sandra Lane.

May brought us back to the beautiful gallery and a lively conversation ‘Should You Always Follow the Yellow Brick Road?’  Our host for the evening, Isabella Garrucho Fine Art Gallery, Greenwich. Our guest speakers, radio talk show host Wendy Lowy Sloane and Attorney Richard Terbrusch who was also our sponsor.

June was our one year anniversary, and we were ‘Turning up the Heat on Online Dating.’ Host Shari Lebowitz and Bespoke Design, Westport, guest dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan and sponsor and guest speaker Jane La Motta, Jane La Motta Fine Art Photography made the evening a sensation.

July and summer saw us bring in the start of Après Hour™, ‘Happier than Happy Hour’ on the water with great gals, conversation and some dancing at the Crab Shell in Stamford.

August…well we took off August.

September we were ready to roll and ‘Indulge our Senses Through Passion…Art…Wine’, as we rocked in fall.  Our host for the evening, Mark Krueger and his Westport gallery on the water, Xpozur. Our guest speaker was Mary Wallace Jaensch, founder of Last Big Gig. The evening supported the Joyful Heart Foundation. Our wonderful small bites were provided by Claudia of Cater Waiter CT.

October and ‘Transitions and Transformations‘ along with tips to transform our look and make ‘spectacular changes as the seasons are changing.’ Our host for the evening was, Lord and Taylor, Stamford with special guests Kendra Porter, L&T’s Personal Shopper and our fabulous ladies from noblesalon of Stamford. The evening benefited Paint the Town Pink’s Breast Cancer awareness campaign.

November and ‘Tis the Season…To Be Absolutely Fabulous!’ And who better to let us in and start the conversation? That would Kristen Jensen and our special guest, Stamford’s very own author, Wendy Walker who’s thrillers Emma InThe Night and All Is Not Forgotten are page turners. The host for the evening, once again, the award winning nobelsalon of Stamford. The evening benefited the Connecticut Food Bank. Our wonderful small bites were provided by our Culinary Sponsor, Claudia of Cater Waiter, CT.

December and our last event for the year. Who could think of a better gathering to end all gatherings with a lively conversation on ‘Sexuality and ‘Sextiquette’? Our host for the evening once again, Isabella Garrucho Fine Art, Greenwich and our guest speakers were, Ronnie Ann Ryan (back by popular demand) and Nicole Tammelleo, MA, LCSW of Maze Women’s Health. Our wonderful small bites were provided by our Culinary Sponsor, Claudia of Cater Waiter, CT.The evening benefited the Joyful Heart Foundation.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful hosts, sponsors and guest speakers. And our Absolutely Fabulous Women of Après Divorce.

Here’s a peek at what you may have missed if you haven’t joined us.

What will 2018 bring? Let’s start with saving these dates:

Wednesday, January 17th as we return to our gallery on the water in Westport and join us for a lively gathering and conversation Narcissim…Is it really hidden or are we hiding from it? with guests Angie Atkinson, Discover, Understand and Overcome Narcissistic Abuse QueenBeing, live from Missouri, and author Wendy Walker who’s newest thriller, Emma In The Night, delves into the deepest dark place of narcissism.

Tuesday, February 13th as our newest sponsor, Connecticut Dermatology Group, Norwalk hosts our 2nd annual ‘Gallentine’s Day’ with Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson and our very own Kristen Jensen, photographer and image strategist.