How It All Began

Barbering vs Hairstyling…Barbershop vs Salon

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Ladies, we have been getting a bad rap for some time now. Guess what, we are not the only ones who can find the salon a safe haven. Our favorite salon can be a place that gives us a little piece of peace, serenity, friendship, intellectual conversation and yes, maybe even some gossip.

Some History

Guys, let’s back up to the Golden ages in Greece (500 B.C. – 300 B.C.) around the time when barbering becoming an art. As barbershops became more and more popular, guess who found them to be a haven? That’s right, even back then, it was a place where a guy could be a guy, bolster some egos, be an escape with, yes, even lots of gossip taking place. In many movies, especially in westerns and small town depictions, the center of the town gathering would be the local barbershop.

Hair salons as we know them today, began in France in the 1600’s. Madame de Rambouillet used it to escape from the stringent confines that her life dictated. She started by inviting friends to join her. And so began the salon, where women could sit and talk about anything. In those days the majority of women did not receive the education that men did. Together they could discuss any topic and exchange ideas. It was a safe haven.

As the saying goes, ‘We’ve Come A Long Way Baby’.  Or so we would like to think.

A man used to get a haircut every couple of weeks. Some still do. Yet when women go on a regular basis, it often has the perception of a woman being indulgent and vain.  Do we see a double standard here?

Both barbershops and salons are an important social hub in certain cultures. And a safe haven for many.

Hear direct from an extraordinary beauty influencer. 

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On this week’s podcast, my guest is beauty influencer and legacy stylist, Gina Vasco Cowher, Co-Owner of the award winning noble salon, in Stamford, CT.  Gina gives us an insider’s look into the many ways that a salon offers this haven and so much more.

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