Yes, Divorce Cakes are Really Trending

There is a cake for every life milestone.

It was there for you when you turned 30. It was there when you revealed the gender of your baby. It was there when you were celebrating that latest promotion at work. It seems that no matter what the question, cake’s usually the answer.

So maybe we shouldn’t be quite so surprised that people have begun “celebrating” a different kind of milestone using cake: their divorces. Yes, bakeries around the world have been doling out divorce cakes to paying customers—and if the desserts have succeeded at making people even a little happier after their breakup ordeals, well…why not?

And this isn’t just a one-time thing thought up by a few couples. The owner of Adult Cakes by Kim, a Houston bakery, recently told NPR that she has an “entire selection of divorce cakes,” and even makes cakes for individual marital problems. Kim Say’s cakes, we assume, are cheaper than couples counseling—and a whole lot more delicious. In fact, one of Say’s customers is a lawyer who orders

Meanwhile, for one woman who ordered a cake from Adult Cakes by Kim to celebrate her divorce from an unfaithful musician, Say “got a bunch of [little plastic] guitars and then I broke them in half and I threw them all over the cake.”

And it’s not just novelty bakeshops that are game to decorate divorce cakes. A more traditional bakery, Toronto’s Le Dolci Cakes, happily handles creative divorce cake request. According to NPR, they even created a pink, fondant-covered cake featuring half of the traditional bride-and-groom cake topper; this time, the smiling bride stands alone next to a red arrow reading “NEXT.”

We’ll probably never be pleased to hear about someone’s divorce, but if these cakes have anything to do with it, there’ll be reason to smile again—at least for the duration of dessert.

Source Article: Author: Rebekah Lowin