NORWALK — A few weeks ago, Sylvia Beckerman watched her son and new daughter-in-law take all the classic wedding photos: popping the champagne, cutting the cake and getting ready for the next phase in their life.

In December, Beckerman, 64, did something similar. She popped champagne, cut cake, bought new shoes, and celebrated the beginning of a new chapter. For her though, it was the finalization of her second divorce — this time from Robert “Joe” Halderman, known for an ill-fated extortion plot against late night host David Letterman — and the realization that, once again, she was starting from scratch.

“It took me a while to learn there is life at the end of the tunnel,” Beckerman said. “Now I feel the best I’ve ever felt, and even after going through the last two terrible years, I still believe in love.”

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