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Uncontested Divorce in Half an Hour 

Under a new draft bill by the Greek Ministry of Justice, an uncontested divorce procedure can take up to half an hour.

The bill that will be submitted in parliament shortly, says that if both spouses agree on the divorce terms, the legal procedure will take less than half an hour and the couple will not have to appear in court at all.

The legal procedures that apply now will be abolished. Responsible for the dissolution of a marriage by consensus will now be the notary, who will issue the necessary deed, without further formalities. The notary will also settle all issues between the two spouses and prepare the mutual agreement deed.

Under the new bill, prepared by Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis, the issues of custody, communication of divorced parents and child support in uncontested divorces will be included in the notarial deed.

However, the presence of a lawyer on each side for the signing of the notarial deed is critical for the decisions made by the spouses. The lawyer will offer legal advice on custody, child support and communication between the divorced persons.

Under current legislation in Greece, in order to dissolve a marriage by consensus of spouses, a trial in the court of first instance was obligatory. Also, the decision was taking a lot of time to be issued. Further court proceedings were also needed for the settlement of custody, communication, alimony, child support and other issues.

The new bill will also decongest the court system from unnecessary hearings, man hours and paperwork.

By Philip Chrysopoulos