Dreams and ‘Dreaming’

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.
Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”

– Gloria Steinem

I’ve been thinking about dreams and the different kinds. You know, the ones that you have while sleeping and the ones that you have while ‘dreaming’. Lately I have been having some very vivid dreams while sleeping. They contain a cast of characters that is often times quite amusing. I can never fully remember them when I’m awake, but as I’m waking up, they’re very vivid. Then I go about my day never thinking about them again. That is, until I close my eyes to go sleep. That’s when some of it comes back and I wonder if the story will continue or will a new cast of characters take their place.

Then there are the dreams that I have while ‘dreaming’. When I was about thirteen I dreamed of becoming a stewardess. Travel and oh, those outfits! I would have given anything to become one. But alas, I was too short and too overweight. It was, as they say, back in the day when there were height and weight qualifications.

I was sixteen when I saw Ann-Margaret as Maggie Scott, a fashion buyer in Paris in the movie ‘Made in Paris’. And so I started ‘dreaming’ of becoming a fashion buyer. Of course, it had to be for a very elegant shop, wearing the clothes that she wore. I even tried my hand at it, but alas, working for Gimbels or Macy’s just was not the same.

Many ‘dreaming’ dreams later, some of which I have had the opportunity to make happen, I am still ‘dreaming’. It’s particularly helpful on gloomy, cold days and particularly exciting on others.  Some ‘dreaming’ morphs into a variation of the original. Hosting a podcast series seems to be one. I don’t intend to ever stop ‘dreaming’ and I hope, neither will you.

My guest on this week’s podcast is also a ‘dreaming’ dreamer. Wendy WalkerBestselling Author, Dreamer, Family Lawyer, Financial Analyst, Olympic Ready Figure Skater and Single Mom.

Deep, dark, psychological thrillers are her thing. Ever dream of wanting to be an Olympic Figure Skater? What if that didn’t work out? How about a Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst? Still dreaming? A law degree should do it. Family law sounds about right. Not done yet? How about International Bestselling author of Psychological Thrillers? Wendy didn’t just dream. A conversation with an extraordinary woman whose thrillers are getting the attention of Hollywood. Some dreams can come true. Wendy lets us in on some of her secrets on how she keeps going and empowers others in her path. Tune in here.