Thank you all, our host noble salon and guests Kristen Jensen and Wendy Walker and all of the ‘Absolutely Fabulous ‘ ladies who joined us.

What a page turner the night turned out to be. Between hearing how Kristen went from modeling, to becoming an actress to being a single mom to photography to image strategist and Wendy going from the financial field to becoming a lawyer, a single mom of three and now a bestselling author of thrillers, we were sitting on the edge of our seats.

As we sat sipping our prosecco, the conversation couldn’t have been livelier. Did you know that you have about a second to make a first impression? How do we do that? Kristen let us in on some of the secrets. Do you know how to use the resources around you? How can you juggle being a full time mom and starting a new career? Do you have a dark side deep down? Boy did we get some insights from Wendy.

Questions, conversation, ideas and revelations. Après Divorce’s social gatherings can’t be missed.

See you December 5th. Tickets are selling out fast.  ‘Sensuality…Sextiquette’

New and exciting things are coming up as we continue to expand.