Monday night was all about not feeling invisible, breaking the mold, taking a chance and feeling Fabulous!’

The absolutely fabulous women included those who have gone through life changing events.

Our host for the evening, the award winning noblesalon of Stamford. Gina and Maureen, two of the owners, along with #noblewomen Danielle, Jessica, Nancy, Brie, Tracy and Susanna made us feel at home.

Both Maureen and Gina are single moms, have been divorced for many years, have successful careers as business women, creative stylists/colorists, entrepreneurs, mentors and the salon is known for its philanthropy. Maureen spoke about the effect that the salon has had on so many women. The staff hears and listens to what their client wants and also what they may be afraid to try. Two very brave women agreed to put their trust in the talented ‘noble women’. The results were truly breathtaking. It’s amazing how just a touch of color, a cut, or even just a new shade of lipstick can make you feel 10 feet tall. Our first model was Paula with her team of Nancy on cut/style and Brie on color. Next was Kathy and her team of Danielle on cut/style and Jessica on color. A huge round of applause for both and big smiles.

Now it was everyone else’s turn to consult with the experts.

  • So that’s the trick to a little curl!
  • Do I really need product? Ask Tracy and she’ll tell you: “If you buy a nice piece of clothing and it tells you to dry clean only, then that’s what you would do to take care of the item. The same applies to your hair. You’re spending a lot of money on it. You need to have the right product to take care of it.”

Nope, you don’t need a lot to make a big difference in how you feel. Isn’t it a great thing to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, smile and say ‘I’m fabulous!’?

Click here to watch some of the highlights of the evening here.

For the last two years we have had wonderful gatherings every month with a wide range of topics, each having to do with coping, moving on and empowerment. Après Divorce has conversations about divorce and life changing events. With each gathering we’ve touched on subjects ranging from legal, emotional, parenting, self-respect, financial, dating, empowering, home, passion and more. The women who join us come from diverse stages of divorce and life. Each of these evenings begin with meeting each other, networking and talking about whatever comes up as you would when introduced to a new acquaintance or greeting an old one. The stage is then set for our guest speakers to start the conversation. It’s set in an informal, open atmosphere, encouraging questions and interaction. Each of these evenings are designed to address some piece of our lives that can be touched during our journey. The end of the evening always allows for time to mingle, talk more and get to know each other a little more.

The stimulus behind the creation of Après Divorce: to bring together women who had a common thread. The common thread is a life changing event. The goal: to empower and show that we’re not alone. In an informal way, the conversations flow.

And flow they shall for our next gathering. Did you know that divorce rates are soaring for those over 50? Gear up to have a conversation with Jocelyn Elise Crowley, Ph.D., the author of ‘Gray Divorce: What We Lose and Gain from Mid-Life Splits’ and Attorney Alan Pickel, attorney and former host of his own radio show. Gear up to be in on the conversation. Ask questions, let’s start the conversation.

We look forward to seeing you then.