Finally, the perfect reason to wear the dress again!

This winter, Nicole Niesner of Saskatchewan learned that her divorce after 13 years of marriage was going to be finalized. So her friends threw her a “divorce party” for the occasion and everyone dressed up in their wedding gowns.

If this doesn’t make you immediately think of the iconic scene from “Friends” where Rachel, Phoebe and Monica all drink together while wearing wedding gowns, I don’t know what will!

Come on, you know the scene:

Niesner told People magazine that ending a marriage is never easy.

“Divorce is devastating, no matter what the reason for it. It’s a very painful process. I wanted the divorce and it was still very, very difficult,” she said. “When I found out that it would be official on December 16, my initial reaction was sadness, but that turned into relief.”

A little help from her friends made her big life change more bearable, too:

“The party wasn’t celebrating divorce, necessarily — it was about friendship and supporting me as I start my new chapter,” she told People. “These women came together to let me know that I am loved and supported by many.”

The whole event taught her an important lesson: “You’re going to be OK,” she told Inside Edition.

Thankfully, there was a photographer at the divorce party to capture everyone in their gowns:

Eoanna Tatoulis, the photographer behind MissYianna Photography, wrote on Facebook, “This was not only a divorce party, but it shows the true meaning of friendship as well.” Amen to that!

Divorce Parties Gaining Popularity

According to Christine Gallagher, author of “The Divorce Party Handbook: How to Throw an Unforgettable Divorce Party When ‘Divorce Do Us Part,’” these celebrations are becoming more and more popular. Marking the divorce as a joyous occasion, rather than a sad one, may be “just what the doctor ordered” at the end of a marriage, she wrote on the Huffington Post.

If you’re interested in throwing one for yourself or a friend, Gallagher shared a list of dos and don’ts to aid in your divorce party etiquette. And search “divorce party” ideas on Pinterest will provide plenty of decorative inspiration.

In the mood for a celebration that’s both healing and a fun way to kick off the start of something new? Honestly, a divorce party sounds like a ball!