We had quite the evening.

Started off enjoying the delicious food prepared by our favorite chef Giuseppe Cinque, a prevalent face of Italian restaurants in Fairfield County for over 13 years.

Did you know that finding a financial advisor is very personal? As you would go about finding a stylist to do your hair, you want to put the same energy in finding an investor who has your best interests at heart.

Laurie Stefanowicz, Managing Partner at Catamount Wealth Management taught us a thing or two.Make a list. It’s easy. Assets…debts…income…spending. Wait – did they say expenditures? Yikes! That’s like asking me to list what I’ve eaten today. I mean, if I write that down and see it in black and white, I can’t face it.

Yes, it’s not so simple. But remember when that diet actually worked? That day when it hit me, I do nosh at night. Now mind you, that doesn’t mean that I’m changing my habits. It does however mean that I understand why those 5 pounds have mysteriously arrived.

So we had to add a little spice into the night and Danise, owner of Danise Talbot Design did just that. Did you know that adding just a little into your home of the color of the year, can do wonders for a lift? So this year it’s green. Mind you, even Danise doesn’t like green. But there are different variations as she explained and a pillow with green embroidery or a plant can do the job.

Onto some levity. Sandra, of Ask Sandra, explained and demonstrated how there really isn’t anything that can’t be frozen. Yes, frozen. Cooking for one or even two can be stretched by planning and freezing. Ice cube trays and parchment paper are handy items. And don’t forget your rice cooker.


Thank you to our sponsor, Catamount Wealth Management, our host Danise Talbot Design and our culinary artist, Sandra (Ask Sandra) Lane for an informative and fun evening. Rain and gloom outside didn’t stop a fun evening.

Put May 23rd on your calendar… ‘Should you always follow the Yellow Brick Road?’ We’ll be returning to where our first ‘social gathering’ took place, Isabella Garrucho Fine Art in Greenwich.

See you then.


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