Uncontested Divorces can only be practical when both spouses agreed to the terms and conditions of the divorce. These terms and conditions include child custody, child support payments and division of assets.

Whereas in contested divorces, both spouses are still arguing on the key issues. They haven’t yet agreed on the terms of the divorce. This type of divorce would require trials in court because they are complicated.

If you are having problems with your marriage and you need a divorce to free yourself from such a mess. Then the only affordable divorce you can file for is an uncontested divorce.

Why is it an affordable divorce? Because under the uncontested divorces, you and your spouse have already resolved the key issues relating to the divorce.

Both of you have decided on who would be taking care of the child after divorce, making the child support payments, and how the property would be shared.

Therefore the process of divorcing your spouse would be quick and easy without having to spend much. If you want to file for an uncontested divorce without an attorney, you can use quality online divorce services that would provide a simple and inexpensive divorce.

These online divorce services would offer free divorce forms online and also assist you in the process. You can even file for an uncontested divorce with children on their websites. All you need to do is;

Find out if your state supports e-filing

The first thing to do before you can file for an uncontested divorce online is to find out if your state allows it. Your state may permit you to divorce online with or without hiring a lawyer.

However, in most states, online divorce services may not be allowed. So check your state court’s website to know if e-filing is supported. If your state court does not allow e-filing or have an online divorce system, you may still be able to access and download the divorce documents from the court’s website.

Requirements of the divorce papers may also vary from county to county if online divorce services are allowed in all states. So you will also check what is required from you when filing the divorce papers online.

Search on the net for the best online divorce services

Search on the net for the best online divorce websites: if luckily, your state permits e-filing then the next step is to search on the internet for top-rated online divorce platforms and see which one would have the required divorce papers that are according to your state’s laws.

You should also check for the websites that are 100% court guaranteed, which means your online divorce has the consent of a judge. They offer divorce forms for you at any time of the day and also, give professional assistance.

Before you file for divorce on any online divorce platform, you should check the requirements. Some of them include the following;

Online divorce websites only allow those filing for an uncontested divorce. You and your spouse must decide on the child custody, child support payments and division of properties.

Which means that your spouse shouldn’t contest your divorce. If you and your spouse have agreed with the terms of the divorce, then you can get the divorce papers online and start the process.

If both of you are still arguing over the main issues relating to the divorce, then seek help from a divorcing mediator to ensure that you and your spouse will be able to reach a reasonable final agreement. By using a mediator, you and your spouse wouldn’t have to spend money on hiring an attorney or a lawyer.

If you have a contested divorce, then filing for divorce on an online divorce platform isn’t available. Contested divorces are very complicated, and hence they require trials in court. It would also be advisable to hire a lawyer if you do not want to go to court.

Using your local county or state’s website to get cheap forms online

If you do not want to use online divorce services to get an uncontested divorce. You can still rely on your local county’s website. Some states have allowed e-filing for any couple who wishes to file for an uncontested divorce.

This e-filing permits you to file out your divorce papers through their online portal, and you will be able to pay your fees after submitting the divorce papers on their site. However, this brilliant method of filing for a divorce online is not yet available in over 90% of states in the United States. Would be very fortunate if your state allows online divorce services.

You may also have to file the completed divorce papers at your local clerk’s office either in person, sending them by mails or fax, depending on the court’s laws in your state.

In some states, you may not ever have to go to court after you file for an uncontested divorce. You can get an uncontested divorce using online divorce services or by your state’s website.

However, you can still get an uncontested divorce through the traditional way which means going to court. Before we look at how to file for an uncontested divorce in court, let’s have a few advantages and disadvantages of filing for uncontested divorces online.

Advantages Of Using An Online Divorce Service

1)     Quick and easy way to file for an uncontested divorce. Takes a few days and in some cases, weeks.

2)      Get professionals to review your divorce documents online.

3)     Provides additional tools to assist you in the process.

4)     Give less complicated filing questions for you to answer.

5)     An easy way to get an inexpensive divorce.

Disadvantages Of Online Divorce Services

1)   With numerous online divorce services on the net, it is difficult to indicate which is best. However, you can rely on the ones mentioned above.

2)   Some of these online divorce websites have fake reviews and poor quality functions. You need to be careful.

How does an online Divorce Service work?

A simple process to file your divorce papers online. All you need to do is go to their website, create an account, provide your information to begin the divorce and produce the initial divorce documents that the court would use to make your divorce official.

These online divorce services can help you file the divorce forms in court on your behalf. Or you can download your divorce papers online and submit them in your local court.

Advantages Of Using Your State/Local court’s website

1)     Saves your time and allows you to complete your divorce documents.

2)  Saves your money, you wouldn’t have to spend much on the divorce forms and process online.

Disadvantages Of State and Local Court Website 

1)     Does not give professional assistance regarding your situation which means that you are all on your own.

2)     If you make any mistake on your divorce documents, then it could cost you a lot especially when you are dealing with a contested divorce, child custody or request for support from your spouse.

The Traditional Way Of Filing For An Uncontested Divorce With Children

Filing for an uncontested divorce can be simple and less stressful. You can hire a professional lawyer to assist you in the process so far as you and your spouse have settled the main problems of the divorce.

However, if you don’t want to involve an attorney in the matter, maybe to save some cash. Then you can follow these do-it-yourself steps to file for an uncontested divorce;

1)     Select the relevant court for your divorce case.

2)     Download and print an uncontested divorce petition or a complaint form from your local court’s website. If you can’t get them online, visit the county clerk’s office to obtain the form.

3)     Complete the divorce petition. Provide all the required information needed for the process. If you have a child, you may also need to include detailed information about your finances.

4)     Make copies of the divorce petition, maybe in triplicate and have them signed and dated in the presence of the public. Take note; you are the one to sign and date the three copies of the petition).

5)     File one copy of the divorce documents with the state district court and the remaining on your spouse through the help of a county constable.

6)     prepare a proposed divorce settlement which shows that you and your spouse have agreed on the child custody, child support payments and division of assets. You both will sign this document in the presence of an attorney.

7)      Prepare a proposed divorce decree and make sure to ask the court clerk to provide you with a sample that you can adjust to fit your situation.

8)   File the divorce settlement agreement and proposed order with the court after the statutory waiting period has expired. Then wait for the judge’s approval. You can surf the internet for a more detailed explanation.

Whether you have two or more children, you can still file for an uncontested divorce online or in court. However, it would be more slightly complicated. Hiring a lawyer for your divorce cases would also assist you very much.