‘Go ahead – be yourself – be the best version of you. Each day is a new chance to be more you.’
– Peter H. Reynolds

Quite the year…

It’s been quite the year. Very shortly we’ll be welcoming in a new year. One that we hope will be filled with happiness, good health, and some of our dreams.

Over the last year we’ve learned a lot about communication and connectivity. The questions that come to mind: Have we learned the right way of communicating and will the connections we made be sustainable? In a world where technology has allowed us to reach out to so many, it has also stopped us from getting close.

Not my typical guest…

Peter H. Reynolds was recently a guest on my podcast series ‘Sylvia & Me.’ That’s right, a MAN! You see, Peter is a #1 New York Times bestselling children’s book author and illustrator. I received an advance copy of his latest picture book ‘Our Table’. Within five minutes of reading it, I realized that this book needs to be read to children because the adult reading it needs to learn what it offers. And then I went back and read Peter’s other books, including his award winning ‘The Dot’.

Just a few words and a picture says it all…

In just a few words, in a children’s picture storybook, Peter has taught and shown us the power of human connectivity. ‘Our Table’ has been called a modern fable. In our present-day world, it’s one that we need to embrace. Peter’s mission throughout everything that he has done, is to use media to tell stories that matter. Stories that challenge each of us to reach our full potential.

So there you have it… you see why I had to have this very important conversation with Peter. Listen to the words as you read to a child…hear the story and as adults, we’ll learn so much.

Clink on the picture above to listen.