Should you stop caring how you look at a certain age?

Absolutely Not!  

I recently ran into a couple of situations that I couldn’t imagine having a conversation about (hint: remember, it’s just a number).

It’s just a number.  There are no rules!

A friend of mine found out that she had a deviated septum.  While at the doctor’s office she jokingly mentioned that she had always wanted to get rid of a bump on the side of her nose.  Without missing a beat, her doctor told her no problem. As a matter of fact, since she was going to be under anyway, he could easily fix it. Additionally, he quoted her a very reasonable price and scheduled the procedure.  Ever since she was a teenager she’d been dying to have this done but her parents wouldn’t let her. Now here she is 54 (remember,it’s just a number) and the chance is right in front of her.

When I related this story to a male friend of mine, I received a reaction that threw me: ‘Why would someone in their 50’s want to change the way they look now?’ It wasn’t a question of changing the way she looked, but changing the way she felt when she looked in the mirror. Was she supposed to pass up the opportunity for something she’s always wanted for herself just because she was 54? What did her age have to do with it?

The second situation took place a few days ago. I was having a discussion with a spa owner about some treatments that have become popular in the US. When I asked what the age of the oldest person was that she had treated she told me about a woman who is 75 (remember, it’s just a number).

What I heard next I couldn’t believe. The spa owner went on to say that she couldn’t understand why a woman in her 70’s would want to make a change. Additionally, the woman had been married a long time and was now a widow.  Why at 75, would she want to do anything? Seriously? Let’s see…maybe it was something that she was doing for herself, to give herself confidence. She was out in the dating world for the first time in years.  Did her age really matter?

Reminiscent of…

It all reminded me of a visit to my favorite salon a few years ago. I believe it was right before I turned 60 (remember, it’s just a number). Actually it was around the time of my second marriage. I was in need of a change and boy did I get one! Shorter, edgier with fresh color and a wide streak of almost blonde going across the front. As I was getting ready to leave a woman looked at me and said: ‘I wish I had the nerve to do that.’ My reply: ‘Go for it, have fun, do it for yourself.’ My marriage didn’t last long, but the new do had made me feel awesome!

As long as people are doing something for themselves, with realistic expectations and it makes them feel more secure, why not go for it? Whether it be a new hairstyle, color, fixing a bump on your nose, getting rid of some cellulite, wearing that outfit that’s been in the back of your closet forever, trying out a new exercise routine, what does age at any point in your life have to do with it?

Go ahead, it’s empowering!

Author: Sylvia Beckerman, CEO & Founder