A little prosecco and lots of conversation.

Who could ask for a better venue than Isabella Garrucho Fine Art in Greenwich? Not Après Divorce as we held our official last salon social gathering to end all social gatherings for 2017. Tuesday, December 5th proved to be a lively discussion on Sexuality and ‘Sextiquette’.

We sipped prosecco and ate wonderful appetizers provided by our Culinary Sponsor, Claudia Fascenelli, and Cater Waiter CT. And then the conversation started with Nicole Tammelleo, LMSW, of Maze Women’s Health and one of the authors of ‘The Better Sex Blog’ and Ronnie Ann Ryan, Dating Coach ‘It’s Never Too Late for Love’. There was no end to the livelihood of the evening.

  • How do you discover your own sexuality?
  • Enjoying sex at any age. What are the secrets?
  • Sex on the first date?
  • Coconut oil, your new best friend.
  • Making your own rules for yourself and sticking to them.
  • Don’t forget your jewelry!

There was never a lull in the evening. As we do for each of our gatherings, we welcomed some new faces into the community. A portion of the proceeds went to the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Après Divorce is looking ahead to an exciting 2018.

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As we get ready to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome in 2018, we want to wish everyone Happy Holidays.