Mondays…they seem to only be Mondays.

What are Mondays?

First it was Thursday is the new Friday.  This allowed people to go out and celebrate before the start of the weekend.  Kind of like giving an okay to be out late and party on a work night.  Restaurants and bars now have great entertainment on Thursdays.

Next came Wednesday is the new Thursday.  And why not?  I mean, why do we need to wait till Thursday?  Wednesday is after all ‘hump day’ and there’s no reason not to go out and have fun. There are quite a few places that have entertainment on Wednesdays now, especially during the nice weather.

Saturday was always considered ‘date night.’ But that’s old school now.  Singles do not have to stay in anymore on a Saturday.  It’s quite acceptable to go out and enjoy.

Tuesday I can’t remember being anything but the day before ‘hump day’ and Sunday has always been family, golfing, football, etc. and the dreaded Sunday evening…with Monday looming ahead.

So I’m thinking, why not make Mondays the new Friday?  So what if Thursday has the spot as well. After all, we need to recover from Wednesday.