Narcissism!!!  Snow?  What Snow? The morning started off with snow delays for some schools. During the day we were bombarded with questions asking if the gathering was still taking place that evening. Our answer: ‘We will not be deterred by a little snow!’

Our host for the evening was Mark Krueger and his gallery on the water, Xpozur Gallery. A little prosecco, some hors d’ouevres, some socializing and we were ready to start the conversation. Our topic: ‘Narcissism’.  A little fiddling with technology and there was Angie Atkinson, better known as ‘Queen Being’ of Narcissism, live from Missouri. Wendy Walker, author of the thriller Emma in the Night was live, right there with us. In choosing the topic for the evening, we had an idea that it was a hot topic and relevant to many.  What we didn’t realize at the time, was how many amongst us have been struggling with someone with a narcissistic personality, whether it be a spouse, parent, child, friend or teacher.  The signs are there, but because of the personality disorder, we don’t always listen to the signs.

Both Angie and Wendy filled the evening with some insights on dealing with a narcissist. Among the insights were how to recognize the personality, how to protect yourself and your self-image, how you deal with a narcissist during a divorce, after the divorce and how to hopefully extricate yourself from the toxic relationship.  Many questions were asked. Some of the answers were difficult to hear.

We will be continuing conversation on this important topic.  The interest and the connection in the room that evening was electric.  Stay tuned for more information.

Please join us on February 13th for our 2nd annual ‘Galentine’s Day’ and ‘Women Celebrating Women’. The venue for the evening is Connecticut Dermatology Group’s beautiful location in Norwalk. We’ll hear from Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson on how to look and feel your best and Kristen Jensen on how to take those results and keep celebrating.

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