One year ago this month I started a new chapter.  The blank page was no longer blank…I moved into my new home!  Wow.  Who would have thought that this could be scary and yet exciting.  For the first time in years I had no one but me living in my home.  A year had passed since my divorce.  Not even my boys were with me, having gone their own ways.  And I am here to say that not only did I survive and persevere, but I’ve been given new energy to continue explore. 

When we think that life has thrown us a curve, it probably has.  I learned that it’s what we do with it that makes the difference.  I look around and pat myself on the back because I did it.  New home, some new friends and new ventures and adventures.

Make no mistake, I was able to do this because of the support from friends and family.  During this past year I’ve not only met some incredible people, but even those that I’ve known for a long time, allowed me to open up and find new connections.  Talking about divorce, change, being alone, loneliness and moving forward have been and will continue to be important.