All good things come to an end. And sometimes by the end, relationships have been dragged through the mud so much, it’s hard to remember the good times. But you can always go out in style.

Like this woman who decided that the best way to celebrate her divorce, which cost £36,000 ($50,000), was to shoot her wedding dress with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules that break upon impact.

Nancy Jones threw paint bombs at her fairy-tale wedding gown after her marriage of 25 years dissolved. Even though they met as love’s young dream – sharing their first teenage kiss – the marriage ended in an acrimonious divorce which she wanted to put behind her.

Locked in divorce proceedings for nearly four years, Nancy, from Arizona, finally settled with her ex, throwing a huge party, as you do. Inviting her friends to join her, she led them in lobbing paint-filled balloons at her long white dress, inspired by Princess Diana’s show-stopping bridal gown, with its incredible 25ft train.

Only, Nancy was a bit more thrifty than Princess Di and got hers from a local bridal shop on sale. It cost just £107 ($150), but had big puffed sleeves and a train, just like that of the princess she so admired.

‘It took four years and $50,000 in legal fees to finally end my marriage, and what better way to do it?’ she said. Although she had hoped to pass the dress down to a future daughter, she never had any children due to health complications.

Eventually, cracks started to show in her marriage and the two decided to call it quits. MORE: FAMILIES Deaf puppy finds forever home and learns sign language after being abandoned 5 times Meet the mum and 15-year-old daughter competing for Instagram popularity Cats keep bringing gifts to their beloved automatic feeder instead of their human ‘I was devastated that our marriage of almost 25 years had ended like that,’ she continued.

‘My ex-husband filed for divorce in July 2014, but it has taken over three and a half years for it to be finalised. When their divorce finally went through in December last year, Nancy decided she needed to do something to give her closure.

‘I realised I was never going to get this from my ex, so I needed to do something for myself. ‘I had heard about divorce parties and felt that was the sort of thing I needed to do, so I decided to trash my dress, throw paint at it and really mark the end of my marriage and my time as a wife.

It now costs over £1,000 to attend the average UK wedding Man films all the build-up to the moment he proposed and it’s pretty sweet The average UK man spends £1,471 on an engagement ring Picking a woodland area, she took her wedding dress out of the loft, hung it up outside, filling balloons with paint and inviting her friends to help her to trash it.

‘We even played the Disney song I walked up the aisle to, just to make it feel all the more cathartic. ‘Now I’m embracing my new life and have never felt happier. And my friend is going to wear my dress to a charity event, which gives it a new beginning, too.’


Author: Faima Bakar

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