The Beginning, Women and Becoming Necessary

In the beginning it was about doing something that seemed necessary. Or rather, what I thought was missing and became necessary. There had always been a question in the back of my mind that asked ‘Why as women do we always have to figure it out on our own? Why as women are we expected to and why as women, are we always supposed to do it quietly and never make a fuss?’

Passion & Empowering Women

The answer was simple in its simplicity and at the same time, more complex to put into action. It would force me to open a new door, it was time to open that door. And it turned into a passion. The word ‘empowering’ was the buzz word of the day, the buzz word of the times and it turned out to be the buzz word that was the right word. ‘Empowering’ became my passion and my passion turned into a journey. And the buzz word ‘empowering’ turned into the mission. Empowering women by sharing information, and inspiring women to keep on moving.

Four years ago this week, that journey started and Life Après was born. It’s had many iterations since its inception, more like growth spurts. As with all things, as time went on, it sprouted and continues to sprout. From empowering women going through all stages of divorce, to inspiring women to embrace a variety of life changing events, Life Après has been inspired by so women along the way.

The ladies celebrating 3 years

Last year’s celebration was in person with some special ladies who have always given their support and propelled me to keep on going.

“Freedom is the most valuable thing that a human being can ever have.                                                                                                               Freedom is life itself.”                                                                                          – Nadia Murad, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Isis Survivor & Activist


Advocate: A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.


Olivia Wells

Olivia Wells and Nadia’s Initiative

Olivia Wells has spent her life being an advocate for human rights. Specifically the human rights of women, advocating for survivors of genocide and sexual violence. Olivia is the Director of Programs & Impact Nadia’s Initiative, which actively works to persuade governments and international organizations to support the sustainable redevelopment of the Yazidi homeland. Nadia Murad is the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and co-founder of Nadia’s Initiative. In 2014, Nadia was among the many kidnapped when ISIS attacked her homeland. Nadia did escape and so began Nadia’s Initiative.

Human Rights

Olivia has her Master’s degree in Human Rights Law. Her expertise is in gender-based violence, international criminal law, and genocide prevention with a regional focus on the Middle East. Over the past six years, she has worked with several European and American NGOs, conducting policy research, promoting civic mobilization, managing donor relations, and establishing and maintaining partnerships. She has worked on the ground with marginalized communities in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Southern Africa to help implement community led development. She has also worked with refugee aid programs in Southern Europe and is responsible for initiating several psychosocial support projects for refugees in Athens, Greece.

Olivia Wells

This week’s podcast is all about Human Rights

On this week’s podcast I talk with Olivia about her career in Human Rights and how she started with Nadia’s Initiative. We discuss how the pandemic has affected the initiative, the programs that they have lined up and where help is needed. Click here to listen.

This past Sunday saw Summer Solstice and what a beautiful day it was here in Connecticut. I even got in a 5+ mile walk in. Maybe this could be the start of a new routine. As we slowly add some things to our routines, you can always keep listening to some extraordinary, inspiring women. If you know of an extraordinary woman, contact me at

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