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A Secret Kept…

Megan Nix is the author of Remedies for Sorrow: an Extraordinary Child, A Secret Kept from Pregnant Women, and a Mother’s Pursuit Of The Truth. Her daughter Anna was born very small and deaf. Anna has CMV (congenital cytomegalovirus). CMV is the leading cause of birth defects in the U.S., a virus contracted through a toddler’s saliva. The medical system doesn’t disclose the existence of CMV to the public.  It believes that additional stress during pregnancy could cause harm. A secret kept from pregnant women.

Advocating for communication

On this week’s podcast, my conversation with Megan. We talk about her fight for her exceptional child. CMV has been known to the medical world for over 70 years, but this knowledge is not communicated to pregnant women. As a result of Megan’s advocacy, CMV testing for newborns is now mandatory in three states with more to follow.

Megan Nix is a nonfiction author, medical advocate, and mother. Her writing has appeared in NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Fourth Genre (where it won the Editor’s Prize), Denver Post and elsewhere. She is a regular speaker to health professionals and hospital systems. Megan informs them on prenatal and newborn issues, specifically congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV). She was the keynote speaker at Moderna, Inc in March 2022. A graduate of the U of Alaska MFA Program in nonfiction, she divides her time between Colorado and Alaska with husband Luke and young children.