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Sylvia & Me
Andie Swim and Demi Moore

Swimwear and women. Let’s go to the archives with Melanie Travis, co-founder of Andie Swim. Melanie had a need to find a swimsuit that made her feel empowered. It was for a business weekend. She needed empowered, awesome and appropriate all rolled into one. And so the beginning of Andie Swim. A recent collaboration has taken place with actress Demi Moore. A new swimsuit line of glamor, vintage and sexy has been added. Challenging the way we view aging women with swimwear.

That episode was #60 having aired January 20, 2021. I’d read about Melanie’s vision to create a positive experience for women and swimsuits. Her vision turned out to be a winner and so the creation of Andie Swim. You know, swimsuits for all women, all shapes, and sizes. Suits that were suitable for lounging, company parties or just feeling good about yourself. 

Take a listen. If you have a vision, go ahead and try to make it happen. And if you’re dreading the swimsuit experience…