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Author Sharon G. Flake

Summer Break – Let’s revisit and in case you missed it.

Sharon G. Flake is a multi-award winning young adult and children’s author. She is a three-time winner of the Coretta Scott King award. Her latest book, The Life I’m In follows her groundbreaking debut novel The Skin I’m In. The impact of her debut novel more than 20 years ago, is felt today. Sharon’s books withstand the test of time. It was a given that a sequel was needed, even if it took her 20 years to be convinced of it.

Peeling Back the Layers

Sharon continues to peel bake the layers. She takes on the tough issues: race, self-esteem, self-protection and empowerment. Issues that teenagers can face on a daily basis. With the advancement of technology, these issues can be paralyzing. And she always reminds us that we are talking about children. Teenagers are not adults. They are still children and we need to protect them. With The Life I’m In, Sharon takes on the multi-billion dollar business of human trafficking, targeting venerable teens.

Sharon had literally exploded onto the literary scene with The Skin I’m In over 20 years ago and was named a Publishers Weekly Flying Start. Since then, she has won multiple Coretta Scott King Author Awards and many of her novels have received ALA Notable and Best Books for Young Adults citations from the American Library Association. You can visit her website at