Sylvia & Me
Birth, Born, Midwifery and Ahri Golden

Ahri Golden asked me how I came upon her and why I wanted to have a conversation with her. My answer was simple…I had read one of her posts about motherhood and being a woman. Then I learned about her, and Birth and Born and Delve and Shades of Gray and Stillpoint and I listened to the beautiful melody and words of Smitten.

Lean into change, lean into life – it’s a powerful act. Realizing we’re not alone. Interweaving of conversation leads to a conversation that is so needed. And there’s not one right way.

Media Midwife, award-winning artist, producer, podcast host, professor and mother of two. Ahri is passionate about making meaning through stories and song. She responds to the world that is unfolding within and around us.

For over 20 years Ahri has worked with NPR, Public Radio International, Public Radio Exchange, Slate and Salon, just to name a few. Ahri co-created the award-winning Shades of Gray, a documentary about the many sides of the abortion debate. She is the co-creator of Birth and Born, documentaries about perceptions of birth and postpartum in the U.S. Parallel to that was the creation of The Birth Tour, a nationwide participatory experience – live sharing about birth.

Ahri produced Delve her award-winning 10 song autobiographical album. Her music and story are featured in The Goddess Project, a documentary film sharing empowerment stories of inspiring women. During the pandemic Ahri turned to podcasting creating A Mother’s Lens and Bending In 2020.

2021 saw the launch of Media Midwife. Ahri is also an Adjunct Professor at Southern Oregon University. Stillpoint is her most recent creation, an experimental podcast series weaving stories and songs.