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Sylvia & Me
Dr. Jennifer Lincoln: OB/Gyn, Sex Ed & Busting Myths

‘Misinformation goes viral much quicker than the good old-fashioned truth.’

The first thing that jumped out at me as needing clarification had to do with birth control. It was the weirdest thing that was going viral – the idea that melatonin (quote-unquote) ‘cancels out your birth control.’

And so, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln went viral – viral with facts. Jennifer is a board-certified OB GYN who uses social media to educate and bust myths. She’s the sex education educator who should be in every school. No shame, no judgment, Dr. Lincoln demystifies sex ed and breaks down stigmas. Her passion is helping girls, women and those assigned female at birth to understand their bodies and feel empowered to advocate for themselves.

Dr. Lincoln is an OB Hospitalist whose sole focus is caring for pregnant and postpartum people in the hospital. After the birth of her first child, she realized the lack of breastfeeding education in her training and how so many other women were also not truly informed about breastfeeding. The solution…Dr. Lincoln pursued additional training and became an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant.

The author and medical writer of Let’s Talk About Down There, Dr. Lincoln gives a shame-free, illustrated guide and answers real questions about vaginal, sexual and reproductive health for her millions of followers on Tik Tok and new readers.

Here’s a stat that should have you scratching your head: Only 17 states require sex ed to be medically accurate! Yes – you read that right – no health care provider needs to review the data or information that is being taught.

Yes – it all started on Instagram and then led to Tik Tok. As they say ‘the train left the station’ after seeing that social media post about birth control.