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Sylvia & Me
Chandra Sanders: 'The Mom Project’

Working moms have been hit hard during the pandemic and the resulting financial crisis. Some of the hardest hit have been moms of color.  Chandra Sanders, a single mom of three lost her job during the pandemic. Turning to ‘The Mom Project’ as a resource to help her, she found more than just a job.

‘The Mom Project’s’ mission is to connect moms with world-class companies. And so as they say… ‘timing is everything’ and for Chandra the timing was perfect. ‘The Mom Project’ was hiring, Chandra applied and was hired. The result – Chandra is Director of their new program ‘Rise’. Her goal is to provide economic opportunities to 10,000 women in the next three years. They just started and already have over 500 moms who have benefited from the program.

Chandra Sanders’ mission is to get moms back into the workforce. She’s committed to helping moms and specifically, women of color access to economic opportunities and influence. Flexibility, adapting skills to fit a need and training…all the tools that are needed for moms, Rise offers. The cost is free.

Chandra is a former high school Spanish teacher who then became a Fortune 100 Senior Tech consultant. She served as a senior consultant and change champion at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Chandra has a proven record in converting strategy into action.

A conversation with a mom with a vision:

  • Single mom and a job search
  • Plight of moms and the pandemic
  • Younger women starting out
  • Why flexibility is so necessary
  • Transparency
  • Learning to fine tune skills
  • Reentering the workforce
  • Moms, work and family
  • ‘Rise’s’ goal – 10,000 women
  • Taking time for yourself and staying centered

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