Sylvia & Me
Sylvia & Me
Dr. Natalia Spierings: Consultant Dermatologist, Dermatological Surgeon, Educator, No-Nonsense Approach to Dermatology & Skincare

‘A huge part of my daily job is earning my patient’s trust – it cannot be demanded’.Dr. Natalia Spierings

An honest, no-nonsense approach. Let’s add tackling the myth behind perfect skin, ‘anti-aging’ and expensive skincare. The answer: Dr. Natalia Spierings. Dr. Spierings’ approach combines European style and sensibility with the energy and quirkiness of London. Now add her positive American attitude. This combination provides her patients with a unique and holistic modern skincare prescription. Born in Europe, Natalia spent her childhood in the United States before heading to London for medical school.

With her technical skill, depth of knowledge, aesthetic sensibility and communication skills Dr. Spierings is a global leading dermatologist.

Dr. Spierings trained as a Consultant Dermatologist in London with a sub-specialty fellowship training in Mohs Micrographic and Dermatologic Surgery at the Royal Victoria infirmary in Newcastle. She holds a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of London. Her subspecialty is the diagnosis and management of skin cancer. She has held a consultant post at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in Leeds, UK. Dr. Spierings’ primary aim is to provide the best cosmetic outcome after successful surgical treatment.

Working closely with the renowned Fusion Apothecary in Dubai Healthcare, Dr. Spierings provides bespoke prescription skincare for her patients throughout the Middle East.

An in-depth conversation:

  • ‘Perfect skin’ – is this really a thing
  • Sunscreen – yes, it’s essential, but when, how much and what good is it if not applied correctly
  • Trust and the correct information
  • Correct information and using logic and evidence based explanations
  • Ingredients, manufacturer, packaging, price – defining ‘good quality’
  • Vaseline – really?
  • Social media – how and its impact on decisions
  • It’s not criticism – let’s talk