Sylvia & Me
Grit Cheerleading Style

Mix grit, resilience, cheerleading, persistence, passion, compassion and style and you get Risa Kostis. From a very young age a stage and cheerleading was in Risa’s future. That is until a car accident at 17 had her navigating a different course. One that would take all of her ingredients and push her to a place she could never have imagined.  The accident had left her with a traumatic brain injury and reconstructive facial surgeries. Self-taught, and determined, Risa is no longer the underdog. She is a celebrity stylist, stylist, and personal shopper. Risa helps women tell their story through what they wear, giving them confidence and letting them shine. She is also the CEO and Co-Founder of The Rescue Kit Company, a fashion emergency kit company.

A conversation with an amazing woman who has learned to be her own cheerleader and now helps other women be their own.

And she wanted to make sure I credit her team. You can find them on Instagram: @fullyalivephotography @thegoodvibestudios @nicolerehak_evans @bronzebuddhaglow and of course Risa @risakostis