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Sylvia & Me
Hazell Jacobs: Busy Bee Blogger, Mother, Grandmother, Scarf Aid Lady, Magic Carpet Rider

Hazell Jacobs goes by the saying ‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’ Hazell lives in London. Over 80 years of travelling with her late husband, saw Hazell accumulating hundreds of scarves. Each scarf holds a story. When the pandemic hit, Hazel knew that there were many people having a difficult time adjusting to this new reality.

Finding herself stuck in lockdown back in March, Hazell made a plan to start blogging. Mind you, Hazell had never blogged before. At 87, living alone since the death of her beloved husband in 2004, Hazell hatched her plan with the help of her granddaughter, Ella, a graphic designer. Ella built her a website and on March 26th Hazell chose one of her scarves from her bottomless collection of scarves, and blogged her very 1st blog. And Hazell became Scarf Aid, Busy Bee Blogger Hazell.

The reaction could be heard around the world, literally. Comments came from all over. They were comments of joy, laughter and happy tears. Hazell has managed to touch people when they most need touching. One blog every day for 100 days straight. One hundred days of choosing a scarf and writing the true story behind it. Always with humor, always bringing back memories and touching so many. These days she has gone to one a week, with everyone waiting patiently for Sunday’s for her newest blog. You never know where it may take you. Hazell continues to ‘Keep calm and carry on.’