Sylvia & Me
Indie Lee, Creator and Founder Indie Lee Skin Care, Former Planner, Healthy Living Educator, ‘Welcome to the Rest of Your Life’

How would your life change if you were told that you only had six months to live? That was over 10 years ago and Indie Lee is still going strong. She knew what she needed to do and nothing was going to stand in her way. A planner all her life, the plan that she had created for herself was not going to work anymore. We’re given bumps along the way of life, Indie was given mountains. From making organic ‘tush’ cream for her new nephew, to creating a clean skin care company, Indie speaks to me about the life changing words she heard: Welcome to the rest of your life.

Educating people about what we put on our skin, is Indie’s mission. After learning that 60% of what we apply to our skin may be absorbed in as little as 26 seconds, Indie’s journey has led her to the creation of a clean beauty collection, inspiring and empowering people to be mindful as to what we put on our skin as well as into our body.