Sylvia & Me
Sylvia & Me
Jackie Botelho: Founder Above & Beyond Concierge (ABCVIP)

Bold and gutsy are just two words that describe Jackie Botelho, a woman who is setting a new standard in the hospitality and event experience arenas. Jackie as never been afraid of stepping up and talking to people. She’s never been afraid to reach a goal that others told her was unachievable. Jackie has always wanted to do more. And Jackie has always known that she could do more. ‘The sky’s the limit’ is something that she has always believed in. The result was the building of Above and Beyond VIP Concierge (ABCVIP), a hospitality and event agency.

Covid changed the way that events were experienced and Jackie and her team were leading the way. Virtual gave her the opportunity to take off her heels and dig in. People who never would have attended in person events, were now experiencing them. Shy, introverted or just not wanting to be around others, Jackie gave them the opportunity to join. And let’s not forget the national exposure. No politics, no pandemic speak, just plain fun.

This week’s conversation with Jackie:

  • A bold move to California
  • Striking gold in California & bringing it back to NYC
  • Why hospitality
  • A gutsy plan and the creation of ABCVIP
  • A deal with the Marriott
  • Pandemic timing
  • Pivoting on a dime
  • Experiencing Covid
  • Virtual, all those introverts and a national presence
  • The naysayers – ‘I’m not listening’
  • Expansion and more