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Jennifer Jelliff-Russell: Pandemic & Female Veterans Workforce

Today’s guest is Jennifer Jelliff-Russell. Jennifer calls herself a military brat and spouse. An advocate for female veterans, Jennifer’s mission in life is helping them re-enter the workforce and civilian life. She realized this after working at Fort Campbell’s Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program (TAP).

And Jennifer didn’t stop there. She also took a position as an Employment Coach at Wounded Warrior Project. There she had the opportunity to work with both veterans and their caregivers. From there it was no leap for her to start her own coaching business, Evergrowth Coach.

The pandemic has shed a light on the huge need for her work. Jennifer is also the author of a couple of books whose titles need no introduction today: ‘Should You Work from Home?’ and ‘Cut the Bullshit – Land the Job.’

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