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Judith Marks-White: Journalist, Freelance Writer, Author
Judith Marks-White

Judith Marks-White is an award-winning journalist, freelance writer, and educator. Her award-winning column, ‘In Other Words’ appears monthly in the Westport News. Judith’s articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers throughout the country and she has contributed fiction articles to numerous children’s publications. Judith wrote two novels: Seducing Harry and Bachelor Degree and is the recipient of numerous writing awards.

Prior to becoming an independent free-lance writer, Judith worked for Time Inc. She served on the staff of Time/Life Books in New York and Doubleday and Company. Judith has also been involved in the design and instruction of creative writing programs in Connecticut and has taught writing for many years.

A Little humor, curveballs and Judith Marks-White

Life has a habit of throwing us curveballs. How we handle them can be the key to how we move forward. I turned to Judith Marks-White, for some wisdom. Judith is a long-time resident of Westport, Connecticut, a New England town known for its residents of diverse artists – writers, actors, and painters. Since the time she was able to hold a pen in hand, Judith has been writing. For the last 20+ years her column, ‘In Other Words, is found in the Westport News.

It was 1985, when Judith was asked to become a humor columnist. She was apprehensive and ready to say no. Her husband told her to just say yes. And the rest is history.

Nowadays, Judith doesn’t just write humor columns. There’s too much that she has a need to write about. But you will still find a touch of humor in all that she writes. That touch can help get us through some of the toughest moments. In her article on the feeling of isolation during the pandemic, Judith talks about defining resiliency and grit amid the lockdown. She adds, ‘I have temporarily been relieved of my duties as a social butterfly. I have traded hanging out with certain men to turning my attention to my new BFFs: Ben & Jerry, who come in as many flavors as are needed to satisfy my edible cravings.’

A conversation spiked with some humor with Judith Marks-White:
  • Holding the pen
  • A word from her late husband and the answer is
  • Becoming a humor columnist
  • Adding a ‘light touch’
  • Writing and exploring feelings and events happening around her
  • That book signing party, Random house and 2 novels
  • Reinventing herself
  • Becoming gutsy