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Just A Girl From the Bronx

Just a girl from the Bronx. That’s Francine Farkas Sears, the first American businesswoman invited to China after President Nixon re-established trade relations. The groundbreaking trip included twenty-five men and Francine.

Francine’s first leap into entrepreneurship began in her teens with a babysitting business. Her second was revolutionizing a salon armed with an idea, $1,000 cash, 7th Avenue and Pucci-like dresses. Next an entry level at Alexander’s Department store followed by a stint as a famed Wall Street stockbroker leading the path for women. Alexander’s called her back where she worked her way up to become Fashion Director and Vice President. Francine was simultaneously raising a young family. Today she is the proud mother of five grown children.

That girl from the Bronx turned herself into one of the most influential, successful women. The daughter of immigrants, Francine went from Girl Scout to partnering with the Girl Scouts of America to empower the next generation of women. Always an ardent advocate for women, Francine continues her legacy of giving back. And she has no thoughts of stopping.  At the age of 80, she started Francine Collections, ‘a timeless collection of bags and accessories created by women, for women designed to take you wherever your journey may lead.’

My conversation with Francine Farkas Sears, a woman who has spent decades switching between her roles as a mother, and businesswoman. And a life of giving back, empowering and inspiring the next generation of women.