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Laura Fahrenthold: Author ‘The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles’, Journalist, Widowed Mother of Eyeball Rolling Teenagers, Adventurologist

Love, loss, healing, camping, adventure, misadventure and that RV

Laura Fahrenthold is a former NY Daily News crime reporter. She has worked as a government press secretary, private investigator and content editor at Woman’s World Magazine for over two decades. 

Her memoir, ‘The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles, A Love Story’ has been ranked as a ‘Top 20 Hot Pick’ on Amazon. Laura has appeared on national television and her story has been featured on and The New York Post in addition to other news, radio and internet outlets.

Laura Fahrenthold hadn’t given much thought to traveling across the country. That is until she and her two young daughters suffered an unspeakable tragedy, the sudden death of Mark Pittman, husband and father.  As a result of looking to find a way to heal, Laura and her daughters embarked on a five year, 31,152 mile adventure across the country. Every summer vacation was spent in their 1993 RV with the pink steering wheel.  31,152 miles as they sprinkled his husband’s ashes across N. America.

The journey came with lots of adventure, misadventures, tears and laughter:

  • Laura’s husband – Mark Pittman
  • The evening before Thanksgiving
  • Finding the way and pitching a tent at the beginning
  • ‘HaRVey’ the RV and a stray dog
  • Spreading his ashes and McDonalds
  • The people you meet
  • Dealing and healing – each in their own way
  • Finding his journal – the surprise

Laura has interviewed more than 60,000 subjects on topics from health parenting and motherhood to fitness and finance. She is a regular contributor to humor writer Erma Bombeck’s memorial blog.