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Lisa Cornwell Gutsy Woman & 'Troublemaker'

‘Troublemaker: A Memoir of Sexism, Retaliation, and the Fight They Didn’t See Coming’ written by Lisa along with Tucker Booth. Lisa tells her story of a toxic working environment. It’s a story that so many have lived through. A story that not many have the courage or the ability to take the repercussions that come along with using your voice.

Lisa Cornwell is an Award-winning on-air sports media reporter. The trouble came to a head after seven years with the Golf Channel. December 31, 2020 was her last day at the Golf Channel. So on January 1, 2021 Lisa was ‘free to speak up for the many women who have been marginalized, belittled, berated and treated like second class citizens’. She had been one of those women. Now she was giving a voice to women. And not just in the field of sports media, but to all women working in a toxic environment.

Lisa stood up to ‘Goliath’ as could be said. In doing so, she has given many women the affirmation that it can be done. As Hilary Rodham Clinton says so eloquently in the forward: ‘Thankfully, gutsy women are still at it the world over, and especially in the U.S. after the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Lisa Cornwell is one of them’.

Lisa Cornwell is an on-air host and reporter. Currently Lisa works for the PGA Tour doing live play-by-play broadcasting on ESPN+. Prior to the Golf Channel, she worked in similar roles for the Big Ten Network as well as local affiliates in Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio. She is a four-time Arkansas Women’s State Golf champion, and a two-time AIGA first-team All-American. Lisa was recently inducted into the Arkansas Golf and Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame.