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Michela Di Carlo: Lifestyle Journalist, Late Bloomers Advocate, Speaker, Founder of

Michela Di Carlo is the founder of A ‘Late Bloomers’ Advocate, Michela is on a mission to reset the meaning of middle age. And so many women get stuck thinking about the number instead of thinking about the opportunities. The opportunity to find their ‘sassiness.’

Meet Michela Di Carlo

A Manchester-based content producer and presenter specializing in lifestyle, food, arts and travel, Michela founded, a digital lifestyle magazine,  dedicated to bright women over 40. Michela is a Late Bloomers’ Advocate. Her mission is to reset the meaning of middle age.

Michela is a former feature writer for the most influential Italian National Newspaper La Repubblica.  Nominated twice for the International Journalism Festival Award (Travel Section), Michela has run several digital editorial projects including marketing campaigns. In addition, Michela is a speaker and hosts several ‘road shows’ around the UK promoting the Italian way of life.

A conversation

A conversation that women should listen to, because – hey – it’s never too late to bloom.

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