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Craving Spring and A Mother's Quest

Ann Batchelder is the author of Craving Spring: A Mother’s Quest, a Daughter’s Depression, and the Greek Myth That Brought Them Together. Ann shares her story of her daughter’s journey with mental health and addiction. As mothers we are always looking for ways to be a ‘good’ mother. What if who we need to be is a ‘skilled’ mother? And learn how to ask for help.

The day my teenage daughter announced she had suicidal thoughts was the beginning of the end. The end of me thinking I could protect her from suffering and the end of assuming I knew what the hell I was doing as a mother.

This week my conversation with Ann. How do we find our own rhythm and learn to trust ourselves? And how did a Greek myth about a mother-daughter help her trust herself?

Ann Batchelder served as Editor of Fiberarts Magazine for ten years. Later, as guest curator for the Asheville Art Museum, she designed and developed three major contemporary art exhibitions featuring internationally recognized artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Ann Hamilton, Sally Mann, Maya Lin, and Laurie Anderson.