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Nikki Edmundson: Founder Canty Boots®, Making Special Memories into Wearable Stories

For Nikki Edmundson it all started with a single pair of her own boots – cowgirl boots that is. She cut them down to fit, folded them over and, as the saying goes: ‘These boots are made for walking.’ Turns out that everyone wanted their own pair with their own story. And so, in the small town of Harrison, Montana, Canty Boots was born.

‘I really had no option except to give them away, sell them or cut them and I cut them. So I cut and rolled them and when I wore them into town, everyone gave me compliments. I just figured why not, you know, why not start selling them. So that’s how we started.’ – Nikki Edmundson, Founder Canty Boots®.

And that was how Nikki Edmundson started Canty Boots®. She opened an Etsy store and her first customer was from Australia. First sale and already Nikki was international!

Cowboy boots always make a statement. And boy, are they ever hard to part with.

Security vs Passion

Nikki had to make a choice – start her career as a teacher or design and handmake cowgirl boots. Teacher = stability…Boot Designer/Maker = passion and fulfillment. She made the right choice for her and it’s been a great journey.

Who’s Been in My Boots?

Try Victoria Secret’s Models, Katy Perry, Tanya Tucker, Nahko Bear and Cam Newton, just to name a few.

This week’s conversation with Nikki Edmundson:

  • All it takes is the first
  • Passion vs Security
  • Her all women’s team
  • Rural and hot
  • Bringing stories together
  • Memories and walking
  • He’s a rancher
  • Mom of four
  • It’s all in the name
  • Finding the balance
  • Keeping it close to home

Turning Memories into Walking Stories

Nikki learned quickly that selling footwear, especially cowgirl boots online could result in huge returns. Not all boots fit the same. Having cut down and refreshed her own pair, people had started asking her to do the same for them. So she took it a step further. Now Nikki is giving people the chance to hold onto memories and turn their own boots into their own unique story. The result…boots that her customers know will fit and walk in their story.