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Sylvia & Me
Maggie Smith: Award-Winning Poet

Maggie Smith is the award-winning poet and author of Good Bones. This week saw the release of her latest collection of poems, Goldenrod. Maggie is the author of the national bestseller Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity, and Change. In addition, Maggie is the author of The Well Speaks of Its Own Poison, and Lamp of the Body,   Maggie’s poems and essays are widely published and anthologized. They’ve appeared in Best American Poetry, the New York Times, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Ploughshares, the Washington Post, the Guardian, and elsewhere. Good Bones went viral internationally when Meryl Streep read it live at Lincoln Center.

Maggie’s poems have the ability to resonate with anyone. Her poem Good Bones speaks to a parent protecting her children from the sorrow of the world. Maggie’s latest book of poems Goldenrod, a collection of poems written over several years. Poems that cover so much of what was going on in and around her life. They’re raw, real and honest. Her poems cover joy, sorrow, birth, divorce and beauty. Listen as Maggie reads her poem ‘Bride’ for us.


A conversation with poet Maggie Smith, real and one that resonates:
  • The process of writing poetry
  • How Good Bones was written in a rush of thought
  • Being real, raw and honest
  • A collection of Twitter posts – notes to self – and unexpectantly touching so many
  • Everyday struggles – it’s not always sunshine
  • Community building and not being alone
  • Choosing the poems
  • Lifting the veil
  • Why Goldenrod?
  • Finding beauty and magic in the present moment
  • Poetry and it’s medicinal affect