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Pride vs Persistence - Reimagining 'Pride & Prejudice'

Reimagining Jane Austen’s 1813 Pride & Prejudice, New York Times bestselling author Sayantani DasGupta gives us her debut YA novel –  Debating Darcy. Sayantani moves the story to the 21st century. It’s set in the ultra competitive world of high school speech and debate tournaments. Debating Darcy explores the class conflict between private and public schools and the diverse world of American high school culture. Pride vs persistence. Sayantani allows her female characters to do all the things that their 1813 counterparts couldn’t.

Sayantani DasGupta is the author of the critically acclaimed, Bengali folktale and string theory – inspired Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond books. She is also the author of She Persisted: Virginia Apgar, a part of Chelsea Clinton’s She Persisted series. A pediatrician by training, Sayantani currently teaches at Columbia University.