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Sylvia & Me
Rachel Vail, Author & Big Feelings

Rachel Vail’s picture books explore the power of Big Feelings. The pandemic has turned the lives of children and parents upside down. We’re in the midst of a mental health crises. For some children the start of the school year across the United States can be terrifying, Most have been out of the loop of social interaction with other children. Rachel’s latest picture book Sometimes I Grumblesquinch explores, in just a few words the emotional metamorphosis of growing up.

It’s a book to be read by parents to their children with parents learning the complexity of helping children dealing with big feelings by exploring the key to Social Emotional Skills. It’s okay to share thoughts and seek comfort from adults.   A must read for parents as they read to their children.

For more about Rachel visit Rachel is the author of beloved picture books and novels including Bombaloo, the Mama Rex & T series, Lucky, and You, Maybe.