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Robin Benoit, Sorority Alumna, Author

Robin Benoit, Sorority Alumna, Author, Sisterhood

Robin’s first-two books were non-fiction. The Eighty-Year-Old Sorority Girls is her third book, a novel. Based on sisterhood, Robin Benoit’s inaugural work of fiction is rooted in reality. Reality of her mother’s Alzheimer’s and her knowledge of the necessity of support and sisterhood. There are many stereotypes of what a sorority is. Sorority = friendship, sisterhood, support and always showing up.

With a degree in Journalism/Public Relations, Robin established her career in public and community relations for non-profit agencies and corporations. Robin’s first book followed the success of her daughter Jillian’s vision therapy, Jillian’s Story: How Vision Therapy Changed My Daughter’s Life. Her second Robin co-authored with her daughter, Dear Jillian: Vision Therapy Changed My Life Too. Both books are stapes in optometry offices across the country and around the globe.