Sylvia & Me
Sylvia & Me
Sharing Voices and Podcasters

Sharing voices with a fellow podcaster. A few months ago, I was invited to be a guest on Jackie Tantillo’s podcast. The topic was one that I’ve often mentioned in passing but never delved into…my mom. Should Have Listened To My Mother … wonder what my boys would have to say?

‘Are you here today because of or in spite of your mother?’

How many of us have asked ourselves that question? How many of us are able to answer that question?

I became curious about Jackie and why she had chosen the name and subject. And so I invited Jackie to be my guest on ‘Sylvia & Me’. The great thing about hosting a podcast is being able to share our voices and our listeners. In today’s world, being able to explore and expand together is a wonderful feeling.

Jackie Tantillo has worked in media for over 40 years. She began simultaneously as an On Air Talent, doing voice overs and an on camera person. Her work encompasses national and international commercials, print and voice. Over the years, Jackie has mentored students in production and broadcasting. Jackie has also volunteered with elementary school aged children in theatre production.