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Simone Gordon – The Black Fairy Godmother, Community Organizer, Motivational Speaker, Domestic Violence Resource Specialist

Not just a gal from New Jersey. The Black Fairy Godmother.

The Black Fairy Godmother, Simone Gordon, is not just a gal from New Jersey. She’s a community organizer in New Jersey for black African American and Latino families. Simone is a mother of an autistic child, motivational speaker, special needs advocate, and domestic violence resource specialist. She also serves as the Executive Director for the nonprofit organization House 581Inc based in East Orange, New Jersey.

Simone utilizes social media to provide emergency assistance to domestic violence victims, send groceries, emergency medical supplies, baby formula, low funded tuition, rental assistance and household essentials to help families get back on track. She regularly provides assistance for special needs schools/centers and support families to achieve their GED. Her proud moment is her inaugural event, The Purple Diamond Awards where she was able to honor fellow Domestic Violence survivors and activists championing this cause including Carol Maraj, Andria Mayberry & Luisa Diaz from Fox 5 and many more including the LGBT community. She is endorsed and receives support from many celebrities including acclaimed author Elizabeth Gilbert. Simone’s mission is to replace the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Replacing the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Simone and her team of volunteers do not just help with a specific emergency and then leave. They do so much more by helping these women get out of emergency mode. Even having them make a vision board. “I’m going to help you with this emergency. However, we’re going to get you stabilized because you can’t continue to be in the same predicament that you are in. Where do you see yourself? Do you need job placement? Do you need job training? Or do you want to go to school? Maybe you need babysitting services? Do you want a car? Would you like to open a business? So I just tried to dream with them.”

“So I make them think the same way these women had me think and I get them to stability and that’s where the testimony comes; ‘Yes, she changed my life and made me think out the box.’ I’m not saying these women are rich, but they’re stabilized. They have jobs. They’re in school. They’re eating healthy, their children are healthy. They’re housed.”

Soon it will be Thanksgiving and assisting women in need.

This week’s episode is so right for this time of year. In a little over a week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and what could be more appropriate than celebrating a woman who is assisting women in finding the missing pieces and self respect. And saving so many.

A candid conversation with a woman who is without question, a fairy godmother to so many Black and Brown women.

  • How 4 women changed her life and her path
  • Instagram, getting noticed by acclaimed author Elizabeth Gilbert and the growth overnight to over 37,000 followers
  • Not just a handout – how Simone gives women the self esteem and replaces the missing pieces of their puzzle
  • On being a Domestic Violence Resource
  • Covid hit hard – how is Simone managing

You can find out more about Simone here.