Sylvia & Me
Sylvia & Me
Small Legacies and a Trophy

The day had finally arrived. It had been five weeks since Amanda Bauer-Frisch had been at work. She was five months pregnant with her second child. Her older son was two. Five weeks since her husband had suddenly passed away. Standing among her colleagues at work, Amanda wanted someone to give her a Participation Trophy. She’d shown up.

It started with a piggy bank, well sort of. Among Amanda’s late husband’s passions was financial wellness. Not finding anything but plastic children’s piggy banks, Amanda made her own, a solid wood piggy bank. A piggy bank with three compartments: giving, saving and spending. Her son’s financial education was not going to start in a plastic piggy bank. It was part of his father’s legacy, the Enduring Legacy Bank. And it turned out to be the start of Small Legacies.

Since that beginning, just a few short years ago in the midst of the pandemic, Amanda has become a ‘serial entrepreneur’. Amanda is the CEO of Enduring Legacy Company, the parent company of Small Legacies.  What started as a pandemic hobby, is now one of the top 3.5% grossing stores on Etsy.

Amanda is helping families celebrate their own stories and create their own legacies. And she does it all with woodworking, navy paddles and quilting. What do I mean? Listen to my conversation with Amanda.