Sylvia & Me
Sylvia & Me
So Many Topics & Molly Wadzeck Kraus

Molly Wadzeck Kraus is a freelance writer with ADHD who is always looking for an exciting topic or idea to spark her next hyper-fixation. She writes about mental health, parenting, politics, animal welfare, reproductive rights, pop culture, and dabbles in poetry & creative nonfiction. Born and raised in Waco, Texas, Molly currently resides in the Finger Lakes region of New York with her husband and three children.

When there’s so much to talk about, how do you choose? Molly caught my attention on Instagram. Reading her poem ‘Now that I have a son’ urged me to contact her. I knew there was a great conversation to be had. Turned out, I was right.

For our conversation I wanted to take a few of her essays and expand on each topic.